Dan O’Callaghan

Dan O'Callaghan was originally introduced to poker during his time as an English student in Newcastle and has been playing professionally for a number of years. Best known as danshreddies online, he's had success on both the live and virtual felts, enjoying the highs of tournament success and the frustration of a WSOP Main Event bubble. He has racked up over $120K in live earnings and over $750K online from a combination of MTTS, cash games and 3 handed Hyper turbos. 

Dan describes himself as 'a bit of a weirdo', bringing this quirky je ne sais quoi to his work. He's a fierce optimist too, and his light-hearted style of writing has proved popular within the poker community. He's also freakishly tall!

Follow him for coaching and giveaways at YouTube.com/danshreddies and @Danshreddies On Instagram and Twitter 

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